Govind Man Shrestha

 The Bhajan Legend Govind Man Shrestha (1938-2008)

* Hymn Writer, publisher, lyricist, music composer, singer
* Born in 1938 in Kathmandu, Nepal
* Official website:
* Every day: early morning Yoga, Praying, song, music practice, recording, video shooting, meeting with people associated with music, songs, walking
* Education: Metric(SLC), NEPAL 1955, IA,  INDIA 1958, BA , 1967, MBA Tribhuvan University, NEPAL 1983, Diploma in Advance industrial Management, The Netherlands 1974, Merchant Banking and Leasing, Bombay India, 1989
* Popular Works: Cassette of hymns: Bhajan Mala Part I to V since 1996, Bhajan Mala Video, For the first time in Nepal he published Books and composed music and song recorded on Bhakti Shangalo (coll of Hymns), Gita Shastra, Satya Narayan Brata Katha, Shreee Swosthani Brata Katha , Cassette in Nepal Bhasha: Pulu pulu Swoya and others. Telecast of many hymns from Nepalese Television, Radios, FM stations. Poetry, hymns and lyrics published in different newspapers and magazines. Song more than 200 songs. Folk tune and vocal song on Lord Krishna Geeta Shastra, Satya Narayan Brata Katha in Nepali and Nepal Bhasha,
* Popular Songs: Krishna Murari Bhajan Garau, Kali Aama, Jay Ambe Gauri, Om Namo Shivaya, Ram Mero Ram, Om Har Har Mahadev, Hey Manav Shuva Karm Garau, Gay Guru Ganapati, Bhagban Mrityu Deu Malai, Jivan Bhar Moh Jaal ma, Bhajan Shandhya live stage program with continuous 12 songs. He had created very unique Bhajan music and songs, bhajan video songs. He was well known as Bhajan Samrat, Bhajan Shadhak.
* Public Life: Began singing owns lyric and music -Pulu Pulu Swoya- at different stage program since 1952 and over Radio Nepal s Newari Program from 1958
* Joined Government service and worked as Assistant principals office- Tri Chand College, Kathmandu, Ministry of education 1958-1964, Senior office assistant, Section Office and Branch Officer Nepal Industrial Development Corporation (NIDC) Kathmandu, 1964 2008 Financial Executive Hotel Kathmandu, Board Secretary Nepal Airways 1994 1998,
* Contributions: Instituted Govind Jamuna Dharmik Sangitik Guthi ( Govind Jamuna Cutural and Music Trust) founded in 1999. Financial contribution to hospitals, Bhajan Communities, and Social Organizations. Promoted and created new singers, musicians, models.
* Awards and Honors: Many letters of appreciation from various associations and institutions, former King Gyanendra and other various prestigious awards for his devotion and contribution to Nepali music.
* Inspiration God belief: I will work as a hymn writer, music composer, lyricist, writer, singer till my last breath
* Travel: India, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, USA, England,
* He had been very active in music, songs and his daily life until eight days before he passed away. He passed away on Thursday March 13, 2008
* His friends and family members are active in Govind Jamuna Music Trust and to promote his contribution.


Govind Man Shrestha
Govind Man Shrestha
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गायक प्रेमध्वज प्रधान

Singer Prem Dhose Pradhan

गायक प्रेमध्वज प्रधान

जन्म: १९९३ साल जेठ महिनामा सिन्धुपाल्चोकको चौतारामा 
बुबाको नाम: रत्नध्वज प्रधान
आमाको: प्राणदेवि प्रधान
आमा चौतारामा नै बस्नुहुन्थ्यो
मामाघर काठमाडौँ असन टोलमा
३३ वर्ष अमेरिकन लाइबे्ररीमा काम

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Manju Kumar Shrestha

Manju Kumar Shrestha

Manju Kumar Shrestha

NAME: Manju Kumar Shrestha
DATE OF BIRTH: January 1st, 1950
PLACE OF BIRTH: Kathmandu, Nepal.

ADDRESS: 835/13 Dillibazar St., Ward# 32, Kathmandu, Nepal

FATHER’S NAME: Amrit Man Shrestha

OCCUPATION: Film Making, Cinematography

20 Years of service at Royal Nepal Film Corporation as a
Cinematographer. Worked in many News films, Feature films, and Documentary films.

NEWS FILM EXPERIENCE: Worked in number of News film including 1st SAARC Summit held in Bangladesh and 4th SAARC Summit held in Kathmandu.

FEATURE FILM EXPERIENCE: “JEEVAN REKHA” was the first independent work as a cinematographer. He was associated in very first project of ROYAL NEPAL FILM CORPORATION, “MAN KO BAANDH”. In private sector, worked in about 60-70 feature films as a cinematographer.

DOCUMENTARY FILM EXPERIENCE: “SCARCITY IN PLANTY’, a documentary film sponsored by UNITED NATION. A documentary film made by Finland. A documentary film made by ‘MINECHI BROADCASTING COMPANY’. And he was involved as a Cinematographer in many documentary films during a service in ROYAL NEPAL FILM CORPORATION. Now I am an independent film maker. I have experience in four feature film and several documentaries and advertisement films as a producer, director and cinematographer.

AWARDS: Best cinematographer award given by Nepal Motion Picture Association.
Best cinematographer award by Abhiyan.
Best appreciation award by R.N.F.C.
Best honor by Priya Magazine. Best honor by Nepal Motion Picture Association.
Best honor by Sayapatri Films. Best honor by Ministry of Sports and Culture.
Medals honored from Egypt, Germany, and Thailand etc.

FOREIGN VISITS: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, UAE, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Austria, USA.

SPORTS: Football, Athletics, and Gymnastics.

SOCIAL WORK: 500 School girls have been trained in photography, free of cost on his own initiative. STARTED FROM 2004, now working on photo revolution program ” Women in Photography” (

“Women in Photography”:

A training program designed for school girls and encouragement of women in photography. This new concept program will definitely be a success looking at the increasing of mass student participation. The main objective of this new program is not only to educate the technical know how of photography but including health awareness, conservation awareness , society development and women welfare etc. by taking photographs themselves and exhibiting story telling photos in the school. Now in every society, photography is an essential part of human life. But, in Nepal it is not in practice. So, this program helps to literate by skill of photography and gives the message to the mass in an entertaining way.  This program will conduct student to be self-independent and aware both side by side. Apart of giving photography skill there is another powerful medium, making documentaries and feature films to convey the message which we want to, so this is also a part of photography skill.

Manju Kumar says, “We can easily attract the mass to convey the important message, by the means of showing this entertainment media. I’m sure this program will provide support to many social welfare organizations to some extent. In this way, photographic revolution will begin through this program with a new concept.”

Some clips on his recent project:

Women in Photography

Women in Photography

Women in Photography

Women in Photography

Concept Photography developed by Manju Kumar Shrestha

Concept Photography developed by Manju Kumar Shrestha

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Prashant Tamang

Prashant Tamang, Singer

Prashant Tamang, Singer

Nepali Origin Prashant Tamang gets a very high percentage and numbers of votes in the history of Indian idol.
Final Contestant
Age: 24

Place: Kolkata (West Bengal)

Occupation: Singer, Kolkata police

  • He has been singing since childhood, but has never had any formal training.
  • He sings in the police orchestra. He wants to become the Indian Idol to prove himself and make the Kolkata police proud.
  • He was in the Special Armed Force and has been working with the Kolkata police since 2002.
  • He thinks of himself as a simple person with simple thoughts and simple living.
  • In his free time, he plays pool with his friends. He also loves to play football.
  • httpv://

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    Kaniz Koiraalaa -कनिज कोइराला

    Gladrags Mega Model Manhunt 2009 – Nepali Contestant

    बलिउडका धेरै कलाकार जन्माएको भारतको प्रसिद्ध मोडलिङ इभेन्ट Gladrags Mega Model Manhunt 2009 मा नेपाली युवाले पनि प्रवेश पाएका छन्।

    अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय मोडलिङमा नयाँ इतिहास रच्दै नेपाली युवाको बाटो खुलाएका हुन् काठमाडौंनिवासी २८ वर्षीय कनिज कोइरालाले। अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय सहभागितामा करिब २० हजार युवाको अडिसनबाट छानिएका २२ मध्ये कनिजले १०औं स्थान प्राप्त गरेका छन्। GLADRAGS म्यागजिनले हरेक वर्षअयोजना गर्दै आएको सो म्यानहन्टका निम्ति भारतका विभिन्न शहरबाट गरिने अडिसनमध्ये मुर्म्बईबाट उनी प्रवेश गरेका थिए।

    बानेश्वरनिवासी कनिज दिल्लीको जवाहरलाल नेहरू युनिभर्सिटीबाट विज्ञान विषयमा स्नातक उत्तीर्ण हुन्। बलिउडको अभिनय दुनियाँमा प्रवेश गर्ने उनको एउटै उद्देश्य रहेको छ। नेपालमा भने हालसम्म मोडलिङ तथा अभिनयमा कतै पनि उनी संलग्न भएका छैनन्।

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    Yaman Shrestha

    Yaman Shrestha – – Singer, Lyricist, Music Composer


    A young and promising Nepali singer Yaman Shrestha is currently in USA. Son of popular comedian Madan Krishna Shrestha, Yaman made his mark at a tender pre-teen age by giving composition to songs in hit tele-films like “Ra” and “Laxmi”. In the latter, senior classical singer Nararaj Dhakal sang in his composition. He had released a number of albums, which were successful in Nepal. He has also composed music for a number of advertisements and commercials for television and radio.
    Though he was engaged in different fields of creative art including stage, singing and poetry, Yaman has chosen music composition as his specialty.

    We wish him great success.

    His popular items:

    Song: hello Hi

    खास्खुस खास्खुस गाईगुई मुख कान भेट भो कि
    Khaskhus Gaaiguii – Mukh Kaan Bhet Bho Ki

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